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DNA Test Kit + Report
DNA Test Kit + Report

DNA Test Kit + Report

$75.00 $99.00

Your skin is the first thing people see and you want to make a good first impression. Take care of your skin to look your best, fight signs of aging, and optimize your skin's health.

Our revolutionary DNA test is the unparalleled industry leader. We examine 15 skin-related genetic markers involving aging and your appearance. We report to you on Firmness & Elasticity, Sun Spotting & Pigmentation, Free Radical Damage, Sensitivity, and Glycation.

Based on your DNA, we match your results to specific Targeted Skin products using our proprietary algorithm. You will also receive information on professional treatments that can help you look your best.

For a limited time, with your DNA Kit & Report you also get $50 off your first $150 or more purchase of Targeted Skin products! Enter code PRODUCTS4DNA at checkout after you review your report and see your recommended products. 

This makes your DNA Kit & Report free when you buy over $150 of our incredible Targeted Skin products!! The Targeted Skin genetically recommended product regimen is the best start to your skin care journey!

Take the guesswork out of your skin care. Look younger, feel better, and save money by using the right products that create the best outcomes. Your skin is talking... are you listening?



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