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Affiliate Program

Who is Targeted Skin? 

Targeted Skin is a unique skincare company using your genetics to personalize your product regimen! We started with a vision to do something different: to change the confusing and crowded world of skin care. For us, there is a clear difference between generic skin care products that drive exceptional results. At Targeted Skin, are on a mission to deliver personalized skin health solutions to the world.

We offer the most advanced, DNA-based approach to skin health in the world. We deliver beautiful skin by utilizing our genetics and scientific algorithms to deliver personalized skin care regiments. Our goal is to help you achieve life-long beauty and confidence which will affect more than just your skin. 

Perks of being a Targeted Skin Affiliate

- Affiliate customers will have access to our full collection of Targeted Skin products.
- We handle all the details for you! We take care of all the ordering, shipping, and billing processes for you and your customers. 
- Affiliates earn commissions on all products sold through their link.
- Giveaways, bonuses, swag, and incentives!

How Does it Work?

- We work with Refersion, a company that specializes in affiliate program management. 
- Refersion will track and manage all activity associated with Targeted Skin. They will track links and orders and ensure you receive your commissions each month.
- You will receive a unique URL to track your sales
- Refersion's portal makes it super easy to see and understand your progress.
- Getting set up as an affiliate is quick and easy. Just follow the link below.
- We make it simple - there's no cost to you!

Think you would be a perfect fit? Apply below or email us at support@targetedskin.com with questions!



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