DNA Test + Base

DNA Test + Base Regimen

Our revolutionary DNA test is the unparalleled industry leader with over fifty thousand individuals tested over an eight year period! Fifteen skin-related genetic markers are examined across several categories involving aging and your appearance. A personalized three-product kit based on your results is included with this purchase... A 2 MONTH SUPPLY!!

In the Base Product Kit, you receive a Cleanser, a Serum, and an AM Moisturizer to address your risk areas.

Once we receive your swab, our lab will analyze your DNA. You can expect your results and report approximately 2 weeks after we receive your swab. Your report will be sent to you via secure HIPAA email. Once you receive your report, you can expect your personalized product kit to arrive to you within 3-5 business days, depending on the shipping speed you selected during checkout.

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