Are your products tested on animals?
None of our products are tested on animals.

Are your products paraben/phthalate/gluten free?
All products are paraben and phthalate free.
Almost all (19 of 21) of our products are gluten free.

Are your products made in the United States?
Yes! Our products were developed and manufactured in the United States

How does the process work?
Taking the Targeted Skin Genetic Test is surprisingly easy: Your Targeted Skin representative will collect a DNA sample from the inside of your cheek
which will be sent off for analysis at our CLIA-certified laboratory.
After the data is analyzed, a user-friendly report is created which evaluates critical aspects of your skin DNA.
Using our proprietary algorithm, we select specific products to address your greatest areas of risk.
Your individualized test results are sent via HIPAA-secure email.
Shortly thereafter, your customized product selection will be shipped directly to you.

What if my DNA couldn’t be interpreted?
We can always interpret your DNA, as long as we have a good sample.
There is an industry-standard 10% re-test rate. Right now, about 8% of our samples require re-swabbing.

How will I receive my DNA results?
Your results will be sent to you via HIPAA compliant email (to the email you used when you signed up with Targeted Skin).
The email will come to you from reports@targetedskin.com and we recommend you add this email to your contacts to avoid the email going into your junk/spam folder.
You will also receive a hard copy of your report delivered to the address listed on your account.

What if I lose my result or can’t find it?
That’s no problem! Please call our Customer Experience team to request we resend your report to you.
Always remember to check your junk/spam folder!
Requests can be sent to support@targetedskin.com or you may call 855-MY-TSKIN.

Do you have any state restrictions on DNA testing?
We currently mail DNA Swabs to all 50 states.

Should I continue to use my old products or standard regimen?
That is up to you! Our products are comprehensive and designed to address all of your skin care needs
but there is no harm in continuing with specific products you like.

Where else can I get these products? Do other skin care lines have the same formulations?
The products can only be purchased online at targetedskin.com or through a replicated site.
We’ve created our product formulations to include proven, high-quality ingredients.
You cannot find our specific set of products and exact formulations in any other skin care line.

How long does it take to see results once I start using the product?
You may begin to see changes as soon as 7 days!
Generally, you will notice results 30 days, with regular use.
After you send in your swab, take a before picture so you can monitor your progress!

Should I sign up for subscription?
If you would like to receive a 10% discount on all orders, you can call our customer service team to
sign up to become a Preferred Customer. You are only required to have one product in your
subscription cart, which can ship out monthly or bimonthly.
As a retail customer, it is not required to sign up for subscription.

How many products are in my kit and is the system easy to follow on a daily basis?
You will receive a kit that contains either (3) three products, or (5) five products based on your purchase selection.
The products are tailored to your highest aging risk factors, as indicated in your DNA Report.
Each 5-Product kit includes the following:
(1) Cleanser, (2) Toner or scrub, (3) Serum, (4) AM moisturizer, (5) PM moisturizer.
Each 3-Product kit includes:
(1) Cleanser, (3) AM moisturizer, and (4) Serum.
The products are numbered for your convenience, and the directions included will help
clarify the optimal time of day for each application and usage.

Why aren’t eye products and/or SPF included in the kits?
These products do not relate to your DNA testing and are therefore not included in the kits.
We have these products available for individual purchase as amazing add-ons!

Can I get samples?
Your Sponsor may have display products so you can touch and feel the product prior to purchase,
or you can try some of our non-genetically recommended product. Due to our process (test your DNA, then match you with a personalized
kit), we do not have samples of our genetically-recommended product available at this time.

Is there a specific genetic test for the skin under your eye?
There are no genetic markers that give us information specific to the skin
around the eye versus your overall skin genetics at this time.

With regard to the eye products, are they ‘eye creams’ or serums?
Luminous Eye Cream has a thicker cream-like texture that smoothes
the appearance of wrinkles and leaves the skin looking plump and supple.
Diminishing Eye Serum contains active peptides and encapsulated retinol making it a
complete formula designed to improve the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines.

What does Targeted Skin do with my DNA results? Are they destroyed? Used for research?
We only test for the skin-related genetic markers. No other DNA testing will be performed on your specimen.
We will keep your DNA swab in our lab for up to 30 days in the unlikely event of needing to re-run your test.
After 30 days, your DNA swab is permanently destroyed.
Your genetic results are retained for your retrieval indefinitely. Your actual genetic details and
questionnaire information are retained anonymously in our research database.
All personal information is stripped for your personal protection
and the information is used for ongoing skin research.

What if I don’t like the product? What is your refund policy?
We offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t love our product in the first 30 days.
Any skin care product can be returned, regardless if it has been used.
If you purchase a DNA Test + Product Kit the product can be returned and refunded for a $20/product credit.
Our DNA Test is not refundable. Because your DNA does not change, once your results have been received,
you have the information forever and can utilize it for life!

Once placed, any order may be cancelled within three business days from the date/time of transaction
(Five business days for Alaska residents and fifteen business days for residents of ND, age 65 or over).
Please email or call our Customer Experience Team to cancel your order.
After this time, our 30 day full refund policy goes into effect.

While we want you to love our products, we want you to be happy and comfortable with your skin care.
Please contact support@targetedskin.com if you are unsatisfied and would like to return your product.
We will generate an RMA and your card will be refunded once we receive the product.

© Targeted Skin. All Rights Reserved. 2016.

© Targeted Skin. All Rights Reserved. 2016.